A stationary bike is touted as one of the most efficient workouts if you want to lose weight or build muscles. Indoor exercising improves your lung and cardiovascular capacity, even health experts recommend indulging in this type of activity for at least 30 minutes to prevent suffering from various illnesses.

One of the most recommended exercises, indoor biking encourages blood oxygenation while it prevents diabetes and some types of cancer. Because there’s no need for you to go out, you won’t have an excuse not to exercise when it’s raining outside. With a stationary bike, you can still cycle during storms or rainfalls. You can bike each day in your cozy home. To make it more interesting, you can use this machine and exercise while you’re in front of your television watching your favorite show.

Stationary BikeOther benefits of this bike

Contrary to what other people think, this bike tackles entire body, including your shoulders and upper arms. Plus, you can adjust its resistance levels without interrupting your session.

With indoor cycling, you can expect to burn at least 400 calories. And if you bike more than 30 minutes, you’ll burn up to 1200 calories. But, of course, those numbers will vary, depending on your age and overall health condition.

Things to consider

When choosing a stationary bike, one of the things to consider is the adjustability of the unit. Make sure that you can adjust it according to your body type or the body types of the people in your house that may use it for their fitness regimen.

You should also obtain a bike that comes with a sturdy flywheel. It must mimic the forward momentum of a real bike. It should not move or wobble while you perform your energetic movements. Thus, it’s ideal to choose a model with a heavier flywheel.