Bobs have always been a classic hairstyle and every woman can wear it. The bob used to be a vintage hairstyle and didn’t have much variations at the start, but now there are a lot of modern blends and variations that you can find in this hairstyle. This hairstyle has been most popular with short hairstyles, though it can be worn by people having medium and long hair too. If you have short hair and are looking for some inspiration to get a new bob hairstyle, then look at these bob hairstyles in the list below. You can also style them because a styling guide is also mentioned with each hairstyle.

  1. Side Parted Asymmetrical Bob

    Side Parted Asymmetrical BobAsymmetrical bob is one of the modern takes on the plain old classic bob and it looks really great. This hairstyle features a deep side part which is curled away from the face into a flip. To create the asymmetrical look, one side is left longer that the other one. The hairstyle is given more beauty by smoothing the hair into straight pieces. You don’t really have to worry about your face shape if you want to try this hairstyle out but it looks best with oval and round face shapes. In order to create this hairstyle,look for first class curler iron reviews and apply a product for creating volume on damp hair first. Comb through to spread the product and then create a deep side part. Now, blow dry your hair in the forward direction with a brush. After that, take a curling iron and curl the bangs straight back to create the flip. Lastly, apply a finishing spray and you’re done.

  2. Smooth A-line Bob

    Smooth A-line BobA-line bob is another great modern variation of the classic bob hairstyle. You will definitely adore this hairstyle because it looks so beautiful. This hairstyle features smooth and straight hair that have been cut into an A-line bob. The bangs are also kept smooth and parted slightly away to a side. You can go out with this hairstyle on any occasion and you will surely love it. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you have a round face shape, though you can try it with any face shape. To style, firstly make sure that you have dry and clean hair to work with. Now, apply heat protectant to your hair because you have to use a flat iron. Take the flat iron and start smoothing sections of your hair with it. When all the hair has been smoothed, apply a product for texture to add a little bit of texture to your hair. Create a slight side part and finish with a hairspray.

  3. Chin Length Bob with Bangs

    Chin Length Bob with BangsBangs are a great way to add beauty to any hairstyle and this hairstyles features a chin length bob that has side swept bangs, creating a chic look overall. The back side of the hair has stacked layers while the layers in the front are relatively longer. This hairstyle will look great on most face shapes but it will look the best with heart face shapes. For styling, work with damp hair and comb them to the side. Now, blow dry the bangs to the side with a round brush. Take the rest of your hair and blow dry them in the forward direction with your fingers. After that, take a flat iron to flick different sections of your hair in different directions. This will add shine and texture to your hair. Lastly, apply a hair setting spray and you’re all ready to rock this hairstyle.