Don’t just purchase a duffle bag, make sure that it’s a military type so you can have an excellent carrier for your gears. It has a reinforced shoulder strap making more durable than any other types of duffle. This is especially great if you’re going for a boot camp.

But do you know how to maximize the space of this bag so you can carry all the things that you need for your travel?

best duffel bags

When packing your things, you need to lay them first. Place them on a large surface.

Then, get a plastic bag to place toiletries and other small items. Use a plastic bag that won’t tear easily.

For your shoes, you need to put them at the bottom of your military duffle bag. They can provide a solid foundation to your bag. Heavy and solid items should also be placed at the bottom.

Your socks can be rolled and place them inside your shoes. Your underwear, too, can be rolled into balls and insert them in your shoes. If some of them won’t fit, just place them to the side.

Instead of folding your clothes, roll and pack them tightly in your duffle bag. To create a tighter fit, place the remaining socks and underwear in any gaps. Heavy items can be inserted in the center for even distribution of weight.

You can also use books or magazines as your bag’s outer shell. But make sure that they can help you with your travel. Books and magazines about travel can help you make a shell around the duffle bag and assist you with your trip.

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